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Concrete Forming Plywood, Pourform-HDO

CSI : 03-11-00.00 (Concrete Forming)
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Product link : View "Concrete Forming Plywood, Pourform-HDO" on the manufacturer's website
Description : The finest high-performance forming panel produced in North America.
Ideal for multiple use in demanding gang-form and system applications
Exceptional reliability and cost efficiency.
The premium choice for superior architectural finish.
Guaranteed against delamination and manufacturing defects.


AinsworthEngineered® Pourform HDO® is expressly designed to provide exceptional strength, rigidity and dimensional stability. These and other superior qualities ensure reliable repeat performance on-site plus a high-quality finish. We manufacture our concrete-forming panels from Douglas fir logs carefully selected for their tight grain.

Pourform HDO panels have an exceptionally hard, abrasion- and moisture-resistant surface specifically engineered to provide the maximum number of reuses, resulting in a cost-efficient concrete-forming project. Our high-density overlay (HDO) protects the wood substrate from the rigors of site construction, including exposure to water and alkali solution. The HDO surface also makes it easier to strip panels from concrete surfaces. This minimizes concrete build-up, physical damage and the need for repair.

Pourform HDO's uniform surface provides the finest architectural finish. The high-density overlay minimizes the transfer of veneer texture (wood grain, patches, cracks or checks) to the concrete. The HDO's high resin content produces a uniform and glossy concrete appearance. And satisfied customers.

HDO is recommended when appearance grade ARCHITECTURAL CONCRETE is specified and when predictable performance and high reuse are desired. HDO is specified face or face and back, with varying overlay combinations:100/30, 100/100, 120/30, 120/120.These numbers represent the combined weight of paper and resin in pounds per 1,000 square feet (msf).The first number corresponds to the pouring face of the panel; the second number, to the panel back. A variety of combinations are offered because resin content on the pouring face directly affects the surface finish imparted to the concrete as well as the number of reuses obtained from each panel. A 120 overlay combination provides a consistent high gloss finish that is readily paintable and uniform in color and smoothness, with faint grain/patch transference visible on the concrete surface. A 100 overlay combination provides a consistent semi-gloss finish that is also readily paintable, uniform in color and smoothness; however, moderate grain/patch transference is detectable on the concrete surface.

Manufacturer : Ainsworth Lumber
Location : Vancouver, BC V7X 1L3

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