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The GE Roofing System

CSI : 07-57-13.00 (Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roofing)
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Product link : View "The GE Roofing System" on the manufacturer's website
Description : Whatever you expect from your roof, expect more from GE.
Of course you expect your roof to be structurally sound and weathertight, to keep out the elements and be leak-free. But some roofing systems are better equipped for the job than others. The GE Roofing System has been designed to be the ultimate covering for flat or low slope roofs. It's a sprayed-on system that seals itself and everything it adheres to, forming a seamless blanket of protection against the elements. There are none of the weak links found in built-up or single-ply systems (seams, flashings, fasteners) that can become trouble spots.

The GE system consists of two layers of spray-coated silicone weatherseal over a lightweight layer of urethane foam. Independent testing has shown the silicone coating superior to other coatings in its ability to withstand the effects of weather. What's more, the GE Roofing System has proven itself superior to other roofing systems in high wind, snowloads, and even when hit by flying debris.

A major advantage of the GE Silicone Roof is that it's a renewable system. Unlike any other type of roofing system, the GE Silicone Roof can be repaired easily and recoated indefinitely.

There's no better way to protect your investment.
Properly selected, a roofing system can offer years of protection. Improperly selected, years of headaches.

In fact, while the roof represents 6% of the average building cost, it represents over 60% of construction litigation. Choosing the GE Silicones Roofing System eliminates the risks.

A GE Silicone Roof provides durable trouble-free performance in any climate and under any weather conditions. With Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual approvals, it can be used in new construction or applied over virtually any existing roof including wood, steel, concrete, tar and gravel or failed single-ply.

Sound Great? Definitely. Is it new? Definitely not! The GE Silicone Roofing System has proven itself on installations across the country and throughout the world for over 30 years.

A Overview of the GE Roofing System
The 10 advantages of Polyurethane Spray Foam
Contact a GE Roofing Representative in your area.
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BaySystems North America (formerly Polythane Systems, Inc.) is the sole authorized representative for the GE Silicone Roofing System. BaySystems North America is the country's leading manufacturer of sprayed polyurethane foams (SPF) for the roofing industry. BaySystem's formulations are the only foams approved for use in the GE Roofing System.

BaySystems North America and GE Silicones offer the finest roofing system available. Together they bring to the marketplace the products and services that have made the GE Silicones Roofing System the choice among building owners who care about long term leak free protection.

In a nationwide survey of roofing contractors conducted by the Performance Based Procurement Research Group at the Del E. Webb School of Construction at Arizona State University identified Polythane Systems, Inc. (now BaySystems North America LLC) as the manufacturer of the highest performing spray foams.
Manufacturer : Polythane Systems, Inc
Location : Pittsburg, PA 15205-9741

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